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Start the New Year with Tasty, Quick Meals

Southwest beef bowl pic
The new year always showcases the latest diet trends, but we all know how that story ends. Short-term. Taste and quick meals are still important for most people--regardless of age. Singles, families, retired? We all aim to ha...
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Fall in Love with Cocoa this season.

cocoavia blog fall copy
This was written as part of my paid role in partnership with CocoaVia ® supplement . Just the word cocoa brings a warm smile to most faces. When the seasons change we crave sweaters, fireside chats and sipping hot cocoa. Do y...
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Thank you, Iceland!

iceland trip 1
If you follow me on social media @SarahRDtv, you know I shared much of my trip pics to Iceland in mid-August. I was planning on sharing my stories when I returned, but when the hurricane issues came up and then the heartache ...
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SarahRDtv's 1st guest blog post: My amazing #RD2B's story!

rsz blog
What an honor to be Sarah Krieger’s first guest blogger! I think the only way to do her blog justice is to give an insight into what it takes to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). When I started on my path into...
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The Summer of Swine compress image
This blog is partially sponsored by the National Pork Board where I travelled to learn more about pork farming in South Dakota in June 2017. I also attended a conference called Food3000 in early August where pork was not part...
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Mentor, Preceptor and Leadership

dietitian mentor leadership
April is National Preceptor Month in my professional field—my grassy field of nutrition and dietetics. I love mentoring students and interns. It’s probably because I didn’t have good ones, so it has made me push myself to be ...
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Humble Beginnings

dietitian life word map
Sarah Krieger Dietitian in Florida blog
Life is good when it is good. Have you heard this phrase before? It is so true. Since I have stepped into life as a full-time small business owner this year with many goals, naturally, that has already changed in one month. L...
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Chapter 20

chapter 20 life as a dietitian
Wait—what happened to chapter 19? Well, here it is—I am not afraid to embrace change. Do you like a change of pace like I do and know the benefit outweighs the risk? Twenty years ago I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritioni...
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Hello, Delta?

hello delta airlines power outage
I love travel. I love to travel with my family via camping and Amtrak at this stage in my life. I love to fly for work solo and to get to my point of learning about the latest in nutrition, the newest agricultural practices a...
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The past 9 years-yes!—as a Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

what it is like to be a spoksperson Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Members of the Academy…..people say to me—“wow-nine years-that’s a long time to be a Spokesperson!!!!” But here are my reasons and how it started. I was guided by awesome instructors and career counselors at Central Michigan ...
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Savor Your Flavor

Savor the flavor of eating right
Anyone who has a young child understands the half birthday. You know---that 6 month mark where a child asks—am I 4 and a half yet? Isn't it funny that adults somehow do not want to let the world know that the next birthday is...
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The next year of my life is very exciting!

I'm Feeling the Vibrancy of Florida Dietitians! It's embarrassing how long it's been since I have written a blog. I'm honest—time escapes me and I get sucked into what the day drives me to do. Maybe you can relate? I am honor...
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Chilled Soup for the Summer

creamy cilantro soup recipe
Now that we are in the dead heat of the summer, light, bright meals are welcome at most meals. This year Florida is hotter than ever the past month, so most of our meals are chilled! And as usual my summer is filled with work...
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Spiritual Nutrition

If you (by surprise) were following me on Twitter @SarahRDtv from April 29 to May 1, 2015, you may have noticed I was on #OC15. “What is it?, you may have thought? Disclosure: I am a Christian and my church has sponsored memb...
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Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle!

eggs a healthy lifestyle
I'm Blogging National Nutrition Month
It's that time of year when Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) celebrate the month of March with National Nutrition Month! This year's theme is Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle, which may be perceived in a few different w...
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Being Defensive in 2014

dieting is at an all-time high in-2014
Ebook-cofee grounds banana peels and diapers Ebook cover
“Why do you have to be a dietitian?” my 8-year-old daughter asked me a few weeks ago after I offered vegetables and fruit as a snack. I know—shocker! I said nothing and just smiled. But it had me thinking about all of the peo...
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Fun times?!

September= hustle, bustle of school+post-summer vacation energy+ holidays r-approaching=a productive season. R U with me? This time of year speaks volumes of pumpkin (premature IMHO until October), spices and cravings of the ...
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Summer with Kids

summer with kids activities
summer with kids cooking activities
School has now been out of session for a week or more now for my family and has just started this past week for most of the U.S. I thought now was a good time to talk about or ask how it is going for 1. Meal planning for fami...
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Getting Back in the Kitchen!

personal chef and dietitian sarah krieger cooking in the kitchen
Here I go again with the nostalgia.....lots of interesting situations have occurred in my life in the past few weeks, but here are the highlights. First of all anyone who is a mother of young children can feel a bit anxious t...
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What Motivates You to Eat Your Best?

raising urban chickens food patriot
Who are you connected to? Recently, I reviewed the documentary film, Food Patriots and I reviewed to give registered dietitians and nutritionists the facts about raising animals versus why we choose to eat the foods we eat. I...
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