orange peel recipeIf you are a parent or caregiver then you may be as giddy as I am about school starting. We all love our kids and we love spending weeks and weeks with them, but when I ask my 10, 7 and 4 year old if they are excited about school starting and they say YES!….well, I encourage their enthusiasm too, of course. This summer has gone by quickly as usual and was filled with many adventures, a few camps, lots of food including mangoes, eggs, fresh corn, avocadoes, wild salmon and other local, seasonal treats. The start of the school year is almost as new and good as January 1st. The summer is about connecting with family and friends, evaluating life, relaxing and for me it is inspiring.

This year has brought a few changes…my family bought a coop and six chickens, which has been amazing and why didn’t we do it sooner.…and I am ready to announce other changes through my new website, but also in other ‘avenues’. is taking a turn. I have always been an optimist and opportunist, but this year really has been a learning curve year for me.

I have been keeping personal notes on food ‘activities’ for the past twelve years-yikes! And this year I received an “intervention” from one of my mentors….my father. In January, he sat me down and asked me, “what I am waiting for?” and “why not?” This has led me to chug along this year and publish my first e-book by the end of the year. I am so excited! I said first…there will be more.

I also have had a slight career curve and you will notice it lurking around the new website. Videos, blogs, updates. Life happens quickly and you know what? We need to grab it by the horns and savor it.