Birthday Revelation!

birthdayOct2011Maybe you noticed that I have not posted a blog in a while-or maybe you have not noticed! I have made an executive decision to move forward with videos for the time being and blogging when I feel like it! Today is my birthday and if you are like me, you may reflect on where you want to go next with your life, what you appreciate and what means the most to you. I do this personally and professionally each year. I have traveled quite a bit this past year and I really appreciate the cultures of other countries. I do miss my community, though and appreciate it when I return.
I just returned from California for the almond harvest and a conference. I have a better understanding of the almond industry now, of course. But I also appreciate that California is sometimes our “local” fruit, nut and vegetable supplier since many of foods come from other countries as well. So instead of blogging on my experiences and “hot nutrition topics” in the news, I am going to move full-steam ahead to “nutrition education videos”. Since it’s my birthday, your present to me can be for you to support, share and “like” via Facebook, Twitter or straight from the website, need to go to YouTube! When I run into various people and they say that they showed Episode 2: Breastfeeding to a friend and she was on the fence about breastfeeding, it makes me realize that I am facing the right direction.
This year I am extremely grateful to my husband, Kevin, who believes in me more than I do at times! Also to my 3 children, who are learning about videography as much as I am and will be leaders in a healthy lifestyle at some point—my 8-year-old already is in his own way—so I see their potential to make a healthy difference in this unhealthy world. So on my birthday I will enjoy my chai marshmallows, chocolate almond cake (I made with the almond flour I purchased in Newman, CA) and champagne! Get ready for “the almond” video, which will up by Sunday. I know you will enjoy my journey with me and you will learn a few nutrition tips along the way!

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