healthy change for the new year chicken laying eggIt’s the New Year by a week or so…and so many people have great intentions to make positive changes in their lives this time of year. Weight loss, smoking cessation and spending less are common New Year resolutions. Every year I too have not so much made a new resolution, but I sometimes pick something I want to strive to improve. Last January I chose to make more of an effort to say “Good Morning and Good Night” to each family member every day before entering or exiting that day. I know—maybe you already do this, but especially in the morning…it was not always how I entered the day. So for the most part I did better than I thought in 2013. I didn’t say it EVERY day, but I did say it more often than in 2012---good, right? And I’m keeping it up….as long as I can.

Now for 2014…. as usual a lot happened in the past year and my perspective has changed for the next year, of course. I really don’t have a specific change I want to make (just be the best I can be!) and my goal—see previous blog. But after watching my chickens in the past year, I’ve had an epiphany. Most people (and animals) do not like change—they like routine and familiarity. To me… when I hear of something new happening, I get excited about the future---because it will not be the same---even if that same was good. Crazy? Here’s where I think of animals. I sometimes watch all of our chickens exit the day and enter the coop for the night. Each time I catch them entering the coop, the same thing happens: the early-to-bedder, Serena, gets kicked out of the coop by the leader. Every night it’s a surprise to her. Serena does not like change and she is flustered by this every time. It’s funny to watch though. Feathers sometimes fly when she gets kicked out!

My church is also going through a tremendous change: our beloved pastor and his amazing family is leaving to move out of state to another church. Bad change, right? There’s sometimes a bit of a sting with change, but when you take a step back and realize greater things are happening, there may be a peace inside you (and me). So you cry, journal, exercise or talk with a friend about how you respond to change. That is healthy, my friend. If you are aiming to make a change in your life for the better this year, just know that any change that will improve your life is a good change. May I make a healthy suggestion as a goal for you? Eat breakfast, walk every day after dinner (or any meal for that matter!) or eat at a table instead of in front of a screen…it’s all good and it’s all good for you. So I challenge you to make one change at a time…just one positive change for your health: physical, mental or spiritual this year. Who knows? Your feathers may not even be ruffled by it….

How well do you know yourself?
A Story of Transition

Sarah Krieger, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian

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