Mango Mania!

photo mangoYou may have read the blog about lychees. They are a glorious food, but they are quick to arrive and leave, so now my mango trees are producing. I have done a little research on the mango since buying a house with the trees included; I learn more each year. Mangoes originated in India and are highly respected by Asian Indians! Mangoes arrived in the U.S. state of Florida in the 1830’s and later in California. Am I missing any other states that grow mangoes? Mangoes love a hot, steamy summer and dry, frost-free winters. Hello-that is Florida! Our yard is down to black sand and dirt, so apparently this is where they thrive because this year the tree is loaded. I love that we do nothing to treat the trees and they still produce this amazing fruit! This is my local, organic fruit for sure….

Mangoes are a nutrition gold mine if you ask me. I love their golden yellow orange color. This means there is a lot of beta-carotene from Vitamin A. They are also high in potassium, which is a nutrient most Americans are lacking and it helps to lower blood pressure. Oh, and there is only 1 gram fat, 0 sodium and almost 4 grams fiber per medium mango.

The only bad news about the mango is that it is in the same family as poison Ivy (sigh). Here is where my love/hate relationship with mangoes begins. If you react to poison Ivy (~70% of people do), then you may develop dermatitis when touching the sap and skin of the mango. Here is my dilemma: I slice mangoes by the hundreds sometimes, and I get a horrible reaction on my skin. And it doesn’t seem to matter if I wear gloves! Oh, mango, how I adore your nutritional qualities, your sweet aroma, your pleasant taste, and how you take over my yard, but do you have to be so nasty on my skin?

Most people have feelings of want and then guilt with ‘what I would call’ indulgent foods: rich desserts, creamy milkshakes, platters of French fries and juicy cheeseburgers. But, I have this feeling with the mango. I know at some point of touching the mangoes I develop horrible skin from the skins, but the taste and the nutrition….what to do? Stay tuned for a video dedicated to this amazing, historical fruit.

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