March is National Nutrition Month---Shop Locally to Go Further with Food

NNM widget2018Every year there is a different theme for the month of March. I love this year’s theme which has a focus of avoiding food waste, which I am a huge fan of. I preach to my clients and I practice it too. Compost? Shop at a weekend local farmer’s market? Chop your own vegetables? Raise chickens for the eggs? It’s all good, people. At this point in history, being in control of food choices, eating with family and friends and focusing on the little gifts in life, such as eating with family, are so important. With that said I am doing something a bit different this year. You have heard of Meatless Monday? A historic day promoting meatless meals.

All this month I will sharing my point of view as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has worked in foodservice, clinical and community nutrition for the past twenty+ years. Every day this month I will share realistic nutrition tips each day of the week with the following themes for the days of the week in March:

Mondays: Meaty Monday. I know you may upset with this, but hear me out. Most people cook larger cuts of meat on weekends: pork tenderloin, beef roast, whole chicken. Shall we skip Monday and avoid the fabulous make-over meals from our weekend cooking roasts? It’s silly not to. Meat on Mondays? Yes, please. It may decrease food waste.

Tofu Tuesday: My meat-loving friends are like—what, the? Taco Tuesday is great, but how about changing up the menu? Meat on Mondays and trying a new food on Tuesday. I will share a few recipes that are quick and easy. Soy is absolutely safe to enjoy a few times a week; just like every other food. I too have failed in the past with cooking tofu, but I will share some strategies. Do not be afraid.

Whitefish Wednesday: So many of my clients avoid fish and seafood with the fear of mercury, lack of cooking skills or dislike the taste. I will share great tips and recipes. Fish is lean protein, yes? You know you want to eat more of it.

Throwback Thursday: Favorite American Classic Recipes with a slight update and of course a nod to nutrition.

Frittata Friday: What? Yes, more eggs please. You may know I raise my own chickens for their delicious, omega-3 rich yolks. Local is in my backyard. There is SO MUCH mis-information about eggs. Eat the yolk for the omegas, the choline, a rich nutrient for brain health and guess what? There is protein in that yolk too. I will share more tips on eggs every Friday in March.

Salmon Saturday: Because we should aim to eat at least 2 meals a week of fish and seafood. At least……I eat at least 3 to 4.

Sweet and Sour Sunday: Sundays are made to relax, reflect on the week and possibly cook a meal for your family and friends. This is the day you may make a homemade dessert. I will share my tips as well as the sour—homemade salad dressings and sauce for your Monday to Friday.
Please join me this month. Send me your comments—friendly and uplifting to others, please—so we can all go further with our food choices. Cook On!

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