winter furts and memoriesAnyone working in the weight management arena knows that December is the down-time month. January is our busy month, of course. I like to take the time this month to breathe, gather my thoughts for the new year and as the master of holidays in my home….I prepare to make amazing memories for my family this month.

I’m fairly sure there are few out there that think about fruit this month, though. But I really do think about fruit. To me citrus and a few rare, special fruits rev up my emotions this time of year. To start, I have to share that one year ago today my mother’s special friend, Yvette, passed away. My mother is a Latin teacher and her friend, Yvette was a French teacher: they got each other and had a nice friendship. Yvette taught full-time during the school year and relaxed at her chateau in France during the summer months. My parents were able to stay with Yvette and her husband, Andre, in France the two summers before her passing. They have lovely memories of her and surprisingly before the chateau in France memory comes a fruit: the persimmon. Yvette had what I know as the most luscious persimmons from her tree in Clermont, Florida. In prior Decembers my mother would bring over the sweetest, juiciest fruits from Yvette’s tree. They would drip with juice & I thank Yvette for touching my family’s taste-buds and hearts with those persimmons. We will forever love that orange-colored, fragrant fruit.

The other fruits I can’t seem to get enough of in December are my citrus homies: oranges, tangelos, grapefruits, Meyer lemons….and on and on and on. Growing up in Michigan, I remember peeling a fresh orange in December…the smell was so intoxicating to me and the taste was so….foreign to the heartiness of Michigan winters. Fast forward to December, 2013 and I thank the local Tropicana groves and production facility in Bradenton, Florida for an amazing tour of what it takes to pick and produce fresh orange juice. I learned that if you live in Florida and purchase fresh Tropicana orange juice, those oranges were on the trees in Florida three to five days prior-wow! I thought I was a busy-body!

I still like to peel a fresh orange, though. One of my favorite books and movie is Little Women. You know where I’m going here. The simplest gifts of oranges in the stockings and limes as currency make me get all emotional. I do give my kids oranges in their stockings and they love it. Citrus is winter, it is part of Christmas to me and it is a simple gift to give to others that can be invigorating or a sign of hope or at the least a sense of well-being. So there you have it. Give citrus this year to those you love, like or at the least…as a gesture of kindness. They will appreciate it.
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